Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford

Established in 1992, Jenna Clifford is a brand synonymous with passion, soul and ultimate luxury.

By adding a personal touch to the purchase of jewellery, Jenna Clifford has differentiated itself from any other jewellery designer and manufacturer. Initially retailing exclusively from the luxurious and glamorous studios in Morningside, Sandton, the company's first clients became enchanted with the brand, and with Jenna Clifford herself.

Before designing a piece, Clifford would ensure that each customer was completely at home and comfortable, spending some time with them to create the perfect piece which reflected, and paid tribute to, each client's individual taste and style.

As the clientele grew, so did the company, and 2012 saw the launch of the Jenna Clifford Lynnwood Bridge Boutique in Pretoria. Each of these stores exhibit the personalised concept and signature style that has become synonymous with Jenna and the brand.

Jenna Clifford approaches jewellery design as an art form. The greatest art is not just the application of oil to canvas or a careless knife to marble, it is deliberate, it has intent and its power comes from the hidden imagery and symbolism within it. Great design is perfect in its execution and brilliant in the hidden messages it reveals. Great art is eternal, the eye never tires of it, the heart is always moved by it, for generations to come it is a piece of wonder.

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